- History and heritage:

Correns, also nicknamed "running water" because the water flows faster towards the Mediterranean than other villages, is a beautiful village in Provence which shows its pride! Correns is the first organic village in France. Vines, vegetables, honey, oils, chickens, cheeses, here even the hairdresser uses natural products. A real happiness for the inhabitants conscious of being privileged.
The story begins in the vines that almost disappeared: in 1997, the wine was no longer sold and the cooperative was about to close. A handful of producers then decided to make Correns the village it has become today. Thanks to this, the cooperative now supports 15 families who produce organic wine. A highly sought-after AOC Côte de Provence wine.
The village has 17 fountains, the oldest being the one that flows near the ruins of the old church, where once stood the first village that was inhabited until the 19th century.
As the cicadas chirp along the "calades", you can admire the traces of a flour mill and an oil mill.
At the bend of its narrow streets, you can admire the Fort Gibron which dominates the village, built in the 12th century and whose structure was gradually modified to make it medieval and whose clock mechanism dates from the 19th century. The 18th century baroque-style church which contains an altarpiece unique in all of Provence, with its carved decorations behind the altar.
Since 2008, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been the proud owners of the Miraval estate, renowned for the production of its organic wine.
- The location:
Between Brignoles and Cotignac, Correns is easily accessible via the Brignoles motorway access.
Aix-en-Provence TGV station and Marseille International Airport are only an hour and 10 minutes away.
- Living in Correns:
950 inhabitants.
Shops, bars, restaurants, cultural activities.
Thanks to its entirely organic culture since 1997, the flora and fauna have evolved a lot since then: many species have returned to settle in the Argens, such as the kingfisher, the gray heron, the purple heron, the ducks and the nutria.
With its shared gardens, made available free of charge to residents, the people of Correns grow and eat organic.
- To do :
Canoe trips on the Argens, the Sourn valley, Fort Gibron, the medieval church. The feast of forgiveness, a religious feast, which has been going on since the Middle Ages, with the opening of the Holy Door marks the beginning of the ceremony: Friday, May 3, every 6.5, 6 and 11 years.
The feast of forgiveness is eagerly awaited, as it marks the start and end time of gaining indulgence. It is said then in the village, that the hour of great forgiveness has arrived.
-Reasons to buy in Correns:

In 20 years, the rural population has increased by 20%. Many families come to Correns so that their children can grow up in this haven of peace, in this paradise.

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