Montfort sur Argens

- History and heritage:

From Latin Mont Fortis, which means, fortified hill, Montfort-sur-Argens is an ancient city of the counts of Provence.
After the seigniory having been given to the Templars of the commandery of Riou in 1197 by Foulques de Pontéves, Alphonse II of Provence, donated the domain of Montfort in 1207 to the knights of the temple who established a temple house there.
Montfort played a very important role during the Crusades by the presence of monk-soldiers.
After the order of the Templars, possession of the seigneury was transferred to the Hospitallers who destroyed the castle, and it was in 1411 that the estate was set up as a commandery with the occupation of the Hospitallers, until the French Revolution.
It will take more than a century before the construction of the current castle begins.
In 1793, the castle became a revolutionary prison, which, thanks to this status, will not be destroyed.
The only Templar castle in the Var.

- The situation :

Between Carcès and Correns, north of Brignoles, halfway between the beaches and the Verdon gorges, Montfort-sur-Argens is a perched village, leaning against the hill that dominates the plain with the forest massifs in the background .

1 hour from Marseille airport and 45 minutes from Aix TGV station, access to major roads and the beaches of the Var are easy.

-Living in Montfort-sur-Argens:

The authentic village is ideally located in Provence, and benefits from all the amenities, restaurants and cafes.

Activities such as tennis, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing, hiking and climbing, canoe trips, will delight all age groups.

- What to do :
With its arched passage, its fountains and its vestiges of ramparts, the village invites you to meander through the alleys in calades located at the foot of the castle to the lock and the banks of the Argens which is the arrival point of the walks. by canoe.
By taking the paths, you will be able to observe the portcullis door, the clock tower, the sculpted vintage doors, or the splayed porches and the vaulted passages, the facades and the roofs, listed in the Supplementary Inventory of the Historical Monuments of France.
The bravest can take the 6-kilometer route leading to Correns, which is the first organic village in France.
A festival around the vines and wine is organized every 3rd weekend of August, with the program: mass, procession to the sound of tambourines, folk parade, carts and plows pulled by horses, which bring the village to life as that it once was.
The Templar Castle, now being a private property, seems to watch over the inhabitants who attribute supernatural phenomenons to this building. You will be able to notice and admire, above the door, the Maltese Cross and will be captivated by the panorama offered from this point of view.
The only village with a Templar castle, Montfort-sur-Argens is a village steeped in history and with its spectacular constructions such as the Saint-Blaise chapel, the Notre Dame de la Purification church, the Notre Dame de Spéluques priory which attests of the occupation Gallo-Roman.

-Reasons to buy in Montfort-sur-Argens:

At 129 meters above sea level at the lowest and 344 meters at the highest, the 1,349 Montfortians and Montfortians enjoy a very pleasant microclima

With all the amenities in the village, Montfort-sur-Argens is listed as a historical heritage.

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